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About the new album Let In The Sun

“I received Patty Reese’s latest effort, Let In The Sun a few days ago and begin to listen without a lot of anticipation. Two tracks in and my ears were alive with these sounds. This is a terrific record, very well recorded with a lot of variety to the music. Ms. Reese produced this along with veteran East coast keyboard whiz, Tommy Lepson, who contributes keys on a half dozen tracks.

The musicians are uniformly excellent throughout, the vocals are really strong, but the single thing that makes this a top notch record is the songwriting. Patty wrote eight songs, co-wrote another, and does two covers, Dylan’s ‘Don't Think Twice It's Alright’, and ‘Goodbye’ from the pen of Steve Earle. She holds her own with both of those gentlemen. If she never wrote another song besides ‘Your Love’ she would be a successful writer. This song has beautiful lyrics, combined with a perfect musical accompaniment. In truth, there is not a weak track on this album, another testament to Patty's musical abilities. I also really like the blues shuffle, ‘Good Neighbor’, and the New Orleans inspired, Little Feat syncopated sound of ‘Awesome Sauce’, two more highlights on this fine record.

The combination of songwriting, great vocals and terrific musicians make Let In The Sun a winner for Patty Reese.”

-- Brett Fleming “Soul Stew” WEVL Memphis


“With a superb balance of steamy and sultry, power and passion in her vocals and the ability to cover a wide range of dynamics and genres, from rockin’ blues to power soul and smooth ballads, Patty Reese delivers the full package on her new album Let In The Sun. Reese is winner of 17 Washington Area Music Association ‘WAMMIES’, including Album of the Year, Artist of the Year and Roots Rock Vocalist.

“Her fourth album, released January of 2017 on the cooperative label Azalea City Recordings, features nine new original tunes and two inspired covers that demonstrate Reese’s skills as a music stylist bar none...

“Opening with the swampy blues ‘Is It Too Late For Me?’, featuring wicked slide guitar from Jonathan Sloane, followed by the greasy Texas shuffle ‘Your Love’, then the supersonic horn funk ‘Soul Satisfier’, a track that could have been from the Lydia Pence and Cold Blood catalog. And just when you are ready to put Reese into the blues shouter category she gets soft and intimate during the smooth-swinging torch song ‘I Won’t Let You Down’.

The title track is glorious bit of gospel of infused joy and optimism, recorded live at Airshow Mastering in Takoma Park, MD that features the Patty Reese band’s ability to gel and jam without any overdubs. The feel-good vibe of ‘Radio Song’ has a 70’s Bonnie Raitt sound that celebrates the power of music. Reese and company bust out a dish Cajun flavored second line on the house party track ‘Awesome Sauce’ and get a little country for the hill stomp ‘I Hear A Lie‘. The Bob Dylan classic ‘Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright’ is given a soulful reading with Reese breathing tender mercy into the vaunted lyric. Reese closes the album on acoustic guitar with the lovers lament ‘Goodbye’, an elusive gem written by Steve Earle that she makes her own.

Let In The Sun is certain to shine a light on Patty Reese and her many talents.”

-- Rick J. Bowen


About Patty's latest single

“GREAT SONG! I spent 2 years living in the Mississippi Delta (ran a radio station in Clarksdale) LOVE YOUR SOUND... keep up the great work!”

-- DJ Shawn Quinn, WQCM 94.3 FM, the "Tri-State's Rock Station" Chambersburg, PA


About The Strong Medicine CD

“The term ‘blues-rock’ is too often a synonym for loud, bombastic tunes played by musicians who think they are the second coming of Stevie Ray Vaughan or Janis Joplin. Washington-based Patty Reese is a blues rocker, but she is definitely an exception to the tired stereotype. The six-time Washington Area Music Award winner’s new record, Strong Medicine, showcases a mature, supremely talented artist who has the pipes to belt songs out in full-on Janis Joplin-esque style, and the good sense not to do it on every track.

“On the record’s title track, Reese’s smoky, sensuous vocals wrap themselves around a slow groove, while ‘Who’s Got Your Back’ is a rocking jam with hints of surf-style guitar. Reese is not only a powerhouse vocalist, but a strong songwriter who uses words as well as vocal acrobatics to convey timeless stories of love and lust, triumph and heartbreak. There are very few weak points on this disc. If we had to cite one it might be that Reese’s vocal stylings are sometimes too reminiscent of her heroes (think Bonnie Raitt or Melissa Etheridge,) but that’s not exactly criticism, is it?

Strong Medicine is bound to make any fan of real blues-rock feel better about the state of the genre.

-- MC, On Tap


“Wading through bins of music and got to your album and I’m visiting every track!!! Very, very good stuff - thank you... I listen and manage the music for 4 stations and report to 5 charts, trust me - when I get a stellar project in, it's such a thrill. And, the title track, oh my! Love it!!!”

-- Dawn Dale, Air Talent/Program Director KFAN 107.9FM, KNAF 105.7FM, KNAF 910AM THE TEXAS REBEL RADIO NETWORK


“Hey... just wanted to let you know how much I’m lovin’ your CD Strong Medicine! ‘Trust This Heart Again’ is a crossover hit, ‘Buckets Of Rain’ is beautiful, strong cover of George Harrison’s ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ and love the title track ‘Strong Medicine’ with Dave’s amazing guitar work. Not a surprise that you won WAMA ‘Album Of The Year’... Rock It Up!”

-- Cerphe Cowell, WVRX 105.9 The Edge


“The feeling that Patty puts in her music, her soulful, bluesy voice and her personality make her a staple at the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival. I get hundreds of demo CDs a year. Patty’s new CD is my favorite.”

-- Don Hooker, Producer, Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival


“With a voice like honey & sand, Patty Reese can hold her own with any other soulstruck singers. Her sense of dynamics brings out the drama inherent in any good song - and she can write them, too.”

-- Michael Jaworek, The Birchmere


“It’s no secret that Patty Reese possesses a stunning voice that knows no limits. Still - it takes something more to move an audience these days. Of course, there is no shortcut to the sound of honesty - Patty Reese sings it like she’s lived it because she has. While anyone who has seen her perform live can attest to the searing power & tender mercies of a Patty Reese performance, Strong Medicine showcases a complete & original artist doing her best work yet.

“With guitar wizard Dave Chappell alongside to conjure up the changing weather, Patty’s excellent band follows her effortlessly as she eases her way between driving rhythm and blues, gorgeous folk-pop, and soulful rock and roll. She’s a master song interpreter as well- Listen to the way she stretches out the title line during the coda of Warren Zevon’s lovely ‘Keep Me In Your Heart For A While’. She sums up and captures all of the songs yearning with one achingly beautiful moment of improvisation. They can’t teach you that at any school but Patty Reese will show you how it’s done.”

-- Ronnie Newmyer, BandHouse Gigs, Concert Promoter/Musician


“Patty Reese is a truly gifted rock vocalist with an amazing voice who definitely deserves success. Her song, ’Just Friends’, is a classic, along with her version of ‘Keep Me In Your Heart’ and ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. Masterfully produced by the excellent producer Marco Delmar, the album Strong Medicine, is a testament to the great ability of this supreme rock vocalist and shows the versatility of her eclectic repertoire. A very enjoyable album.”

-- Fred Cannon, Senior Vice President, Government Relations, BMI


“It is as if she were a female Dylan, and the setting is unrefined Blonde on Blonde-period... exemplary ensemble work... a CD worthwhile to own... a moveable feast. The uniqueness and flexibility of her voice, combined with the maturity, polish, and professionalism of her song-writing... stirred in the cauldron of personal and performance experience, make her a triple-threat—une chanteuse extraordinaire... one special talent on the verge of a breakthrough.”

-- Musician Magazine


About Her Dynamic Performances

“...her performing presence and Patsy Cline-meets-Bruce Springsteen sound have matured into her own style, causing the roots-rock and rock-pop community to show its acknowledgment when casting its votes...”



“Equally at home with the bluesy growl of Janis Joplin, the bowl ’em over dynamics of Melissa Etheridge, and the smooth grace of Bonnie Raitt.”

-- Maryland Musician


“a critic and fan favorite... When Wammie Award winning artist Patty Reese takes the stage, it’s immediately obvious why she receives the critical acclaim that she does. She’s a very talented songwriter and guitarist, as well as a powerful and soulful performer... able to float effortlessly between genres of pop, blues, folk, jazz, and rock with a style that is both dynamic and original.”

-- Chesapeake Bay Music Guide

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